Yuzu’s World Tour 2024


First of all: Thank you for your love for Japan

Hi, I’m Yuzu. First of all, thank you for your warm messages about the earthquake happened in Japan on this New Year’s Day. 

Actually this is my countryside. My hometown is ok, but the area next to us is still under severe situation and some of my friends are working hard on restoration.

If you could help them by joining a donation campaign held in any reliable organizations, I really appreciate. 

I’m in New York now, that is the opposite side of the earth, so all I can do is just do my things here and let people know what’s happening in my country as mush as possible. That’s why I’m just working as planned since that day. 

In these few days I’m so moved by the heartwarming words by the people in New York. Thank you for your love, and thank you for praying for Japan with me! 

Yuzu starts her World Tour in February 2024

Here let me talk about my plan for this year.

In the end of 2023 I posted on social media that I was going to do something special in 2024…This is what I’m going to do!

I realize my big dream of going on a World Tour!


Since the beginning of my life as a musician, I have had two dreams:

1. Live in New York as an artist

2. Travel around the world with my instrument

I realized the first dream in 2022, and last whole year of 2023, based in New York, I had a lot of performances in America and Europe. It was the best year of my life and every single day is a precious memory of mine.

As my current US visa ends in February 2024… I think it’s time to realize my second dream!!

It has been my dream to travel around the world with my instrument, share my music and make something happen with the artists I meet there.

To realize it, I’ll start my WORLD TOUR in FEBRUARY 2024!

I’ll eventually post the schedule on instagram. For now I’m planning to visit Europe first, and then mid-East, Africa and Mid-South America. Hopefully I can announce the schedule for my Europe Tour from February to June soon!

Please keep eyes on my posts, and… See you in your country!!

Yuzu's World Tour 2024

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