Yuzu is a singer and songwriter playing “shamisen”, Japanese traditional guitar, in a modern and in a traditional way. With her shamisen and her catchy rhythms, she introduces the beauty and sophistication of Japanese culture to the world, through traditional music and her original songs.

Although completely involved in her music, Yuzu is a versatile artist who devotes herself to many activities, from performances in live venues to the presentation of radio programs. And as a defender of Kiyari, a traditional music from Tokyo, she performs this art as a member of the first entirely female professional group.

Far from just performing in Japan, to share her love of traditional Japanese culture, she travels all around the world. So far she performed in 16 countries, including France (Japan Expo Paris), Thailand (Japan Expo Thailand), India, Iceland and Serbia.

At a time when audiences are looking for something new and different in a crowded musical field, Yuzu is certain to provide a sound that is quite unlike anything you have heard before.