Original pop/acoustic songs with Japanese traditional instruments

1.TURN UP! / 2.You, I / 3.Dragonfly / 4.Stay with You

Trial listening

Turn Up!


Original Album

1.SAKURA RAIN / 2.Sparkle / 3.The Seed of Hope / 4.California Dreams / 5.FURUFURE Music! / 6.Ring -Acoustic ver.-

Trial Listening

California Dreams feat. Kyle Abbott

with Kyle Abbott from Bachido, the shamisen player in California

1.The Seven Herbs (Yuzu original song) / 2.Kokiriko Bushi (Min’yo) / 3.Ringo Bushi (Min’yo) / 4.Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi (Shamisen solo by Kyle) / 5.Yasaburo Bushi (Min’yo) / 6.California Dreams (Yuzu original song) / 7.Rice Planting Song (Yuzu original song)

Trial Listening (Bachido store)