Japan Expo Paris & Tour in France in July 2023 Merci!

Yuzu is now back in New York after her 3rd tour in France. Merci beaucoup!

Collaborated with Ikumi Togawa, Japanese dancer/artist based in Paris, Yuzu performed in total six shows in three events.

Parc Oriental de Maulévrier “KAMIPLAY”

Maulévrier is a beautiful town in mountains about three hours away from Paris. Yuzu and Ikumi performed in a Japanese cosplay festival “KAMIPLAY” held in Parc Oriental de Maulévrier, that is the largest oriental garden in Europe.

The garden was amazingly beautiful. They enjoyed the night garden event with the local people!

Performance in Paris: Le Truskel

On the night before Japan Expo, Yuzu and Ikumi had a performance/gathering at Le Truskel, a live music venue in the center of Paris.

Another singer/songwriter Yukka, who visited France from Japan to perform in Japan Expo, joined this night. Everyone had so much fun!

Japan Expo Paris 2023

Japan Expo Paris is the biggest Japanese festival in Europe. About 250000 people join the festival in 4 days every year. This year was the third time for Yuzu to perform in this big festival. Yuzu was so happy to see many fans in France in face and enjoy music together after whole one year!

The best moment for Yuzu was her last show in Japan Expo, that started 9:30am in the morning on the last day. She was amazed that dozens of people got up early in the morning and made it to come to SAKURA stage before 9:30 to see her show! She really appreciates them.

Hopefully see you next year!

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This whole tour was supported by Art Levant, the art supporting organization in France. Merci beaucoup!!


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