Let’s sing the world’s most international “KIYARI” (Japanese traditional performing art) together in NY!

Let’s sing “KIYARI” together in NY!

Hi, everyone!

I’m going to visit US from May to July in order to explore new collaboration of Japanese traditional music & American culture  (https://yuzumusic.net/crowdfunding-english/), and stay in NY from around May 16th – July 10th.


I was thinking about what I can do for a friendship between different cultures, when I came up with an idea… I want to try singing “KIYARI,” a kind of Japanese traditional vocal art, together with people from all over the world in NY!


What is KIYARI?

Traditional vocal art of Tokyo, Japan.

Kiyari is a kind of Japanese traditional performing art of Tokyo, Japan.


↓I’m singing in this video♫♫


Kiyari is the simplest traditional performing art of Japan! Therefore, it is deeper than you may imagine.

It has about 300 years of history. Historically it was sung by the firefighters in Edo (former name of Tokyo) when they work, but today it is mainly sung for celebration (for example, wedding ceremony) as a festive song.



I’m performing as a professional Kiyari singer in Tokyo.

Actually, I myself is doing some activities as a professional Kiyari singer in Tokyo.

↑Our performance on a houseboat of Sumida-river fireworks festival (the oldest fireworks festival in Tokyo)


↑New Year’s event at Ginza this year



↑”Yoshiwara-Kiyari” (A kind of Kiyari sung only by women)

Kiyari is mainly sung by men and there are only few female Kiyari singers.



Let’s try KIYARI!

As I said before, the basic songs of Kiyari is quite easy to sing! Because I’m a professional singer of it, I can tell you how to sing it.

Even if you are not good at singing, no problem! The method of Kiyari is different from the method of western music. You may find the new talent of yourself😁


I want to try singing it with the international people in NY, and take a video of it and upload it on YouTube. The title would be “the world’s most international KIYARI”!

I’m not sure when to do it exactly, but maybe on Saturday or Sunday in June.

With a respect to the firefighters in Edo era, I’m thinking of setting the place at Brooklyn Bridge Park, just next to East River. Because they practiced Kiyari towards Sumida River (the most historical river of Tokyo) so that they can sing in a louder voice.

I will make a facebook event page for this project when I set the schedule! I hope people from many different countries can take part in it.




■ 郵便局から振込みの場合
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■ 郵便振替口座

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店番/029 預金種目/当座 口座番号/0106449 口座名/『ナツミユズ』

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