Hi, friends! I’m Yuzu.

I’m now trying to raise fund in a Japanese crowdfunding platform called “LikeShare” for my performance tour in US in May-July 2018.

This page is direct translation of the official page of the project: https://www.likeshare.jp/campaigns/69


The official page is Japanese only, but if you are kind enough to help me financially, I want to receive it with thanks. I’m now searching for a best way.


Crowdfunding Project for Yuzu’s Shamisen Performance Tour in US in 2018


Thank you for viewing my page!

My name is Yuzu Natsumi, a singer/song writer expressing Japanese beauty (Iki) and elegance (Furyu).

I have been making performances, Original fusion of Japanese traditional style and melody with American hip-hop and beatbox, with established artists in NY, USA since 2014 .



My activity first started in Performance of Akim Funk Buddha, a hip hop artist in NY, in Japan in 2014.

Akim Funk Buddha来日公演2014

This performance opened the door to NY for me to fly there to make several music performances since 2015.

Performance in Blue Note NYC


Performance and creating music album with Bashiri Johnson, a music producer/ percussionist who has worked with international superstars including Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Performance in Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Blossom Festival, Dance Parade NYC and more.


The background of this campaign

Through all experiences in US, I came to realize how much warmth and interests that people have in Japan. This encouraged me to plan a performance tour in US in 2018.

NY is a melting pot of races and culture. People in the NY gave me and my performance, under the theme of Japanese culture, applause saying Japan is a beautiful country and some were even moved into tears.

The reaction and response from audience ignited my desire for broadcasting Japan to the world.

During 4 times of my stay in NY, I have welcomed more than three thousand people touched the beauty and elegance of japan through my performance, and I had priceless experiences taking part in performance at Blue Note NYC, creating an album and more.

I had been challenged, however, to struggle with my budget all the time. Many people had me stay over for a night, helped me with all the other things to support me, yet there were so much things left undone, given up on for financial reason.

Making tour outside of NY is one of them. More and more people can touch the beauty and elegance, and then have interests in Japan if I ever could play my shamisen, and/or perform collaborative music with local artists.


2 months. This much time is all I have. I just want to make the best of it to broadcast the beauty and elegance to USA, and to the world! I want to make this US tour successful with all the crews and friends! This desperate desire drove me to this crowdfunding.


Thank you for reading. I really appreciate your support!


Yuzu’s Speech ※in Japanese



The official page of the campaign

LikeShare- Crowdfunding for Yuzu’s Shamisen Performance Tour in USA in 2018 (in Japanese only)









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